I live in the north of Italy, work in Switzerland and travel to anywhere as often as possible.

​I was born in Tromsø, in the north of Norway, where I grew up with my older brother and my parents. At 20 I moved to Oslo to study, following 5 months of traveling the world.

I have always been into sports, for as long as I can remember. My parents were exquisite in encouraging us. My mother took us skiing in the mountains during winter and hiking during summer. My dad stood by the sidelines to coach us skating during winter, and football (soccer) during summer.

As I grew older I keep testing new sports and will never take for granted the joy my body lets me have by being fit and healthy, which is why I try to take care of it as best as i can.

At the age of 11 I went on a CISV (chrildrens international summer village) camp in Brazil. With 60 other kids of the same age from around the world my parents well left behind in Norway I accredit that experience for my continous lust to travel.

From a young age I can remember roaming through my mothers closet for beautiful clothes, she was (and still is) fantastic at dressing up and showed me the joy of nice clothes. I can still remember how fantasticly beautiful her balgown with tuille was, black and purple- oh the joy! And she had this houndstooth suit, which was just. so. nice!

And then shoes got to me, shoes in any form, color, heels or not- I LOVE SHOES. After working during holidays since I was 13, at 16 I got a part time job in a shoe- store, and the love affair just grew. My first expensive shoes were a couple of black suede platform boots, I still have them to this day- I L.O.V.E.D those shoes.

This love for shoes basically explains the name of this site.

I moved to Oslo, then Copenhagen, then Milan, a short stay in Berling and back to the beloved Italy- so here I am.



200+ shoes later, 30 odd countries visited- I figured I have some things I would love to share.

Thank you for taking an interest, I truly appreciate it!

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