Trinidad, Cuba

We had two days in Trinidad and had to decide whether to hit the beach or head to the waterfalls in the mountains. Seeing that we came from the beach, and the next destination was a beach, we decided for the waterfalls.

We opted for a horseback ride to really ‘immerse’ ourselves in the experience. Since it hadn’t rained in about 4 months, the waterfall was more of a trickle down the rocks.. but the cold clear water was still refreshing after a day on the horseback.

Back in Trinidad we had the super experience of sunset drinks at El Rintintin with a typical Cuban band serenading the sunset accompanied by a Canchanchara (read: kankankara) – which is a typical drink from Trinidad.

Trinidad was absolutely lovely, and felt very ‘Cuban’- with colorful houses, cobble stone streets, close to the mountains and the beach- really worth a visit. And the hotel was super nice, the best we stayed at in Cuba. So absolutely worth the visit, but we felt that we got out of it what we wanted, all though we just stayed a couple of nights.


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