Playa Larga, Cuba

After two days in Havana, we headed to Playa Larga which is a small village in the Bay of Pigs, south west of Havana.

The reason I wanted to go there was by recommendation from a friend on Facebook (thanks Øivind) to go scuba diving there. I have a license to go 18 meters deep, but Gino doesn’t- so this was the perfect opportunity!

We stayed in one part of a couple’s house there (casa particular), and they were just the sweetest people ever! Gino got really sick one night (he had eaten something funky, probably the crocodile…combined with scuba diving and changing pressures etc) and just had the worst fever and shivers ever- luckily it passed relatively fast, but the hosts were so nice and took care of us the best they could.

It truly was a great little gem there, and I am so happy we stopped by on the way down to Trinidad.

Such a cool car that brought us there 🙂 !

Arriving to this after a busy Havana was pure bliss!

One happy camper 😉

Scuba time!

The Scuba crew!
Got to love dusk!

The next place that awaited us was Trinidad, more on that soon 😉

2 thoughts on “Playa Larga, Cuba

  1. Is there anything as beautiful as palm trees swaying in the light breeze? I’m glad you had a great time exploring Cuba and scuba diving! Having lived in Ireland for nearly two decades I am always on the lookout for sunny destinations, and Cuba looks perfect! Sadly we are not allowed to travel anywhere due to the coronavirus. I hope everything goes back to normal soon. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    1. Cuba was great! Glad you liked it! We’ll soon be back to normal! I’m based in Milan now- which as you can imagine is very limiting, but soon enough we’ll be out and traveling again 😉 have a great evening 🤗🤗

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