Corona Update

So here I am, in the middle of Corona quarantine in the north of Italy (between Vicenza and Milan). Up until a few days ago it was business as usual, with a touch of taking extra care of course.

Just a beautiful scenery in Vicenza from my morning run (which I am luckily still able to continue)

The biggest impact was that stores and restaurants in Milan were closed down, so the city was basically a ghost- town after 6pm- very strange for Milan. But, it made sense since we needed to take the right measures to try and stop the spread. Schools and kindergartens were shut down, which one can imagine has massive implications for working parents!

Now, in the latest days, this has escalated substantially. It started with Milan, Padova and Venice being on lock- down.We were still ok to go into the offices to work, but seeing that schools were shut down, we were already a lot fewer coming in.

And then- this morning we were sent home from work, as they are closing our offices and stores at least until March 16th.

As one can understand people are taking precautions, staying inside, staying away from others and so on- which hopefully will be what is needed to block the development of the spreading.

As for us and me, I will leave Vicenza for Milan this evening as I need to work from home, and honestly- being in Milan just makes more sense for me.

Gino went back to Afghanistan yesterday, for three months, and they tested him for the virus before he was able to fly out- he was negative, which means that I, most likely, do not have the virus either- good news that there at least!

There was A LOT of back and forth if they were allowed to leave the country, but in the end they were allowed to- and then three hours later they shut down Italy- so thank God he got out in time!

Of course I don’t want him to go away for three months, BUT it is better that he left now, stays in quarantine there for two weeks before starting working, instead of him having to stay in quarantine here first (for god knows how long) , and THEN do three months- silver lining and all!

Other than that I am doing just good, and so is everyone else. The general feeling is that this is a better solution rather than it going on forever and ever, hopefully this can stop it- and then it is worth it.

Any questions- let me know 😉