Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been on my list of places to visit for a long time now, but it doesn’t feel like a short destination, nor something I wanted to do on my way to a longer vacation… etc etc etc- in short- I haven’t been before, but really wanted to- so this was an amazing opportunity!

Now that I have been there I wish I had stayed longer, but I hope there will be a trip back soon.

I LOVED it! I had (as mentioned before), high expectations of it, and were not disappointed.

We only had two full days there, as we arrived Wednesday evening and left Saturday midday, but we tried to get the most of it.

Of course, we were there for work, so we couldn’t cram too much more than the market visit and a few select tourist things.

On Thursday our district manager took us out and showed us our stores and explained a bit about the situation there now, especially taken into consideration the latest demonstrations happening. But also the general retail landscape (I am THE biggest retail geek, I just love to know as much as possible!).

When we arrived I was set aside by the enormousness of the place, the massive skyscrapers, the insane docks and just the sheer size of everything. I tried to take some photos, but they don’t do it justice.

Also the contrasts between the old rather run down apartment buildings, and some of the corporate buildings, all flashy and shiny- truly astonishing.

As I imagined, Hong Kong was more ‘western’ in a sense, since it was ruled under the Queen of England until 20 odd years ago, so a lot remains. But we also walked past the fish market (too late in the afternoon though for any activity there) and just saw some more traditional Chinese culture there.

Of course, the harbor is amazing, and the air and breeze was so nice. After a day of work, we went out to see the lightshow by the harbor in the evening, which happens every evening at 8pm. It is a bit tricky to see, but the lights on all the buildings are synced to the music. What is nice for the people living there is that they don’t notice it as you only get the gist when you hear the music at certain places.



Then of course the lights and the skyline is just so cool- I am such a city- lover- I just love the hustle and bustle!



Also here the red, mouse and traditional elements were everywhere- well executed too. Cannot argue with that 🙂


This is from the cultural center, and the queue is actually statues, so cool!


I had to test the mirror outside of the Gucci pop- up store, with different filters- as you can see, the girl on my left was just waiting for me to finish.. 😀

We found the food in Hong Kong to be less fried and more around rice, and ‘simpler’ ingredients- loved it!

On Friday we had a bit more room to go out and look at the city after we had our meetings, and we ended up taking a tram up to the peak which had amazing views over the city!


On Friday evening we were invited to have dinner with a friend of my boss, who lives there- an amazing experience in a members- only restaurant in a truly historical building. The restaurant was on the last floors of a building and used to be the private apartment of the CEO and the board room of a bank there. It is now, as mentioned, a restaurant and they have a massive collection of art. I didn’t want to be all touristy, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures there. I did however, get some pictures of one of the chefs demonstrating how to make noodles- he just tossed it around and boom- noodles.

We finished the evening with a drink on the terrace- with great views.

I cannot wait to go back there again!



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