I will write about my trips to New York, Innsbruck, Christmas in Norway and New Years eve in the next days- but last thing first- our trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong with work, which I returned from yesterday evening.

As we are launching some global initiatives with work we did a market visit to Shanghai and Hong Kong to meet the team there and understand the markets a bit more.

I have never been to either of the two, but had heard great things- so this was one of those I really looked forward to.

After a good 18 hour trip from Milan to Shanghai, I literally threw my luggage into the hotel room, ran through the shower and met up with everyone to start with meetings Monday midday. Luckily I don’t get jet- lagged anymore, but the trip did take some toll on me so to start with lunch was a great idea.

And let me just say- as always our local teams are just taking such good care of us when we are there!

Shanghai was amazing, we had great food, met the team, got to see some stores and understand a bit more on how we could support them.

But first- food, and lots of it! One of the best parts of having locals showing us around, you go to the best places to eat!

Below here you can see dumplings, rice filled tofu, roasted peanuts and a very cool fondue- concept where you pick two broths (I chose spicy.. and it was S.P.I.C.Y and mushroom) and then you choose from a rolling belt what you want to put in it to cook 😀 !

The last evening there we even made it to Yu Garden and The Bund.

As they are celebrating Lunar New Year on Saturday the 25th of January, everything is decked out in red (color of luck and to chase away bad spirits) and wherever possible- mice, as we are going into the year of the mouse.

We stayed at the Four Seasons, close to the office- and the hotel was amazing! It had a gym also, which always makes me extra happy since it gives me the opportunity to stay somewhat sane with going running in the mornings. There is of course a possibility to run outside, but as Shanghai has an insane amount of pollution, better inside this time.

The first view of Shanghai (in the taxi from the airport), and yes- that is pollution and a bit of fog…


The Bund is the river running through Shanghai, and just gives an impressive view of the skyline! Everything is lit up!

We also went to Yu Garden which is decorated in anticipation of the New Year’s celebration, so beautiful!

As one can imagine, since it is the year of the mouse (or rat- but means the same in Chinese), they were all having a field-day with Mickey Mouse!

The tree under here is a wishing tree and people put red envelopes on them to put their wishes in for the new year ahead. And also, the envelopes are to give money- gifts to their loved ones (As far as I understood it is not normal to give other gifts, only money).


I also had to go and check out Starbucks Roasterie there, immaculate execution as always 😉

One can also find some remains after the French colonization of Shanghai in areas of the city, it is absurd to just see completely European houses and style.

Shanghai was absolutely lovely, and we are the most lucky ones that are get so much information and care from our team!

Next up was Hong Kong, I will write another post about that one – I had high expectations for Hong Kong, I gotta admit 🙂 !

3 thoughts on “Shanghai

  1. hey Carrie, so interesting to read about your trip in Shangai 🙂 some years ago i went to China but I didn’t had time to visit this city, so I really want to go… and your photos just motivate me more, it´s such a colorful and lighty city, thanks for sharing 🙂 cheers from Portugal, PedroL

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