We ate our way through Osaka

This last week I’ve been in Osaka, Japan with work and looking at the pictures we took it seems like we ate our way through the trip… but we did also work quite a lot!

Such an amazing trip with my colleagues to meet our colleagues in Japan!

I did keep somewhat sane and ran every morning though- such beautiful weather! And of course, some snaps from Osaka from us strolling around.

This is a next level store with a Ferris Wheel around the facade of the building…


And we found the most cute kimono shop! I just had to have this one, will hang it on the wall in our bedroom in Milan- perfect colors and style ❤

(look at my expression in the second to last picture- I die… haha)

I just arrived back in Europe (Osaka- Hong Kong- Munich: a neat little 17 hour trip) and now I’m on my way by train from Munich to Innsbruck to spend the weekend skiing there with Gino- our yearly pre-Christmas tradition :)!

Then on Monday I fly off to New York and stay there until Saturday, get back on Saturday morning, have a week of workshops at the office, have to drop off and pick up my passport in Milan for a Chinese visa application for a trip there (hopefully) in January. And then on the 20th we fly home to Tromso for Christmas in Norway!

So much traveling and so much fun- absolutely love it!!

Happy weekend 😀😀

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