THE weekend of never stopping

I am absolutely exhausted, and so are they, I know because me, my mom and her friend have had a weekend in Milan of absolute non- stop!

And what can I say- we SLAY at living life to the fullest when we are together!

I picked them up at the airport on Thursday afternoon, we went straight to ‘Il Centro’ a huge shopping mall on the way from the airport to Milan. Of course did some damage (man, was that fun)!


Had a late lunch there before we headed to the apartment just in time for a quick prosecco break before heading over to dinner at Trattoria Caprese. As one does, we were the absolute last ones to leave the restaurant… good times!

On Friday we got up, went for a walk pre- breakfast, had a lovely breakfast (in Norway weekend breakfast is a bit of a thing, so we brought it to Milan with us) and went out for a walk in the city. Started in Porta Garibaldi and walked through the city down to Duomo. I took them to Corso Como 10, continued to Eataly (they loved it), then to my favorite little bag store where they make their own products in the back- Figus (they loved it) then Starbucks Rostary (they loved it) and then we had a short stop around Duomo before heading back home. Dinner out again at a roman restaurant, and drinks afterwards at Chinese Box in Corso Como- puh..!


Saturday we started with a run, and headed out to the city again, this time from Navigli and up to Duomo. Took them along the canal, visited a couple of shops on the way up (they shopped a bit- of course 😉 ), we had a pit stop by Duomo for some lunch- nibbles and ended up at our Diesel store there, had to start the Christmas present shopping also- right!

In the evening we had decided to not go for dinner but had a bit of aperitivo before heading home, and just chilled for a bit at home before we went out dancing until late ! These ladies are NOT wasting any minute- and I am here for it!

Today we just got up, packed up and I drove them to the airport and then directly to Vicenza as I am working tomorrow.

WHAT A WEEKEND! So much fun, and so much energy- loved it! See you soon ladies, cannot wait (we just need to rest a bit first- haha).


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