Two weekends

Last weekend I went home to meet family and friends in Tønsberg and Oslo. I even made it to my dads cabin. In short, from Wednesday to Sunday this was my trip:

Vicenza- Milan- Tønsberg, Tønsberg- Svarstad, Svarstad- Oslo, Oslo- Milano-Verona-Vicenza- puh…

Lovely Nøtterøy (Tønsberg) on my morning run ❤

My dad’s cabin in the woods- pure relaxing

I got to meet Camilla’s new kitten (and then Camilla of course, such a duo)- so cute ❤

And of course, Timmi, my brother’s dog. We made it to a soccer training of my oldest nephew- Timmi really, really wanted to join… after an hour and a half in -1 degrees with some sneakers and a rather thin coat I headed back to their house and chilled with the rest of the fam.

Made it to see a lot of friends and family, but as always- time just seems so short, and I never feel I can give enough to everyone! Oh well, I guess I am happy I can give some 🙂

This week I had a presentation of our ‘voice of the customer’ program we have launched, in front of 180 people from different companies in Milan… in Italian- can really say I made it well outside of my comfort zone right there! Did get to stay at the most insane hotel room though, jeez- not used to that either… more ‘inside of comfort zone’ that there 😉


At the end of the day, Oscar Farinetti, the founder of Eataly, held a really inspiring speech about their philosophy and his view on the purpose of Eataly. Some highlights were the focus on telling a story in their stores, meaning taking time to explain where their products are from, why they are the best and how they are grown. And then of course that it makes sense to pay more for better quality, both for the environment and for our bodies.

This weekend me and Gino were in Milan, not doing much- just started the Friday off at QC Terme, which was so lovely- spa and aperitivo- best start of the weekend! Oh, and I am officially obsessed with my new shoes… completely random, but noteworthy!

Then Saturday and Sunday was just enjoying the lovely sunny (but cold) weather in Milan.

Ready for a new week tomorrow, getting up at around 4.45 to drive directly from Milan to work in Vicenza (about 2,5 hour drive)- the things me and Gino do to just be able to stay as much as possible together ❤ 🙂


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