October 2019

I actually thought, ah well- October just started so not much has happened as we are so early in the month, and then it is October 27th as I publish this…

I started the month off in Milan, working from our office there before taking the weekend with Gino. We tested out a new restaurant in Moscova, which delivered. A very ‘locals’ restaurant which is always a good idea.

I’ve been working on painting some paintings to have over the couch in Milan, and as I was sufficiently satisfied, we could hang them up- quite happy actually. The one on the left reminds me of winter and snow, and the one on the right is basically the mountain I grew up under- Tromsdalstinden (had to put in a picture for reference)



After a week of working from our headquarters, I took a day off to go down to Ginos’ parents place in Borgo Velino (outside of Rome) so that we could help out with the harvest of the chestnuts. Apparently, not much had fallen yet, but we were able to fill three large bags. The nuts fall off the trees encapsulated in sets of three in a cone and as they hit the ground when they are ripe, the cone opens and you can either pick the chestnuts directly from the cones, or you find them on the ground- natures wonder! And then you roast them in the oven- y.u.m!

Always fun to play with the dogs down there too- they are so much fun, and such personalities!


Gino went to Sicily for 10 days, to do some testing on the helicopters he flies, so last weekend I spent alone in Vicenza, which actually was perfect timing as I left for London Sunday morning.

This time, finally – I was able to go to my cousins place and meet her boyfriend and his mother and sister- so lovely to have a proper Sunday dinner with them all!

Then it’s been insane hectic days in London, always loads of laughs when we travel together as a team, and of course- amazing food😉! This time, Tex Mex at Coal Drops Yards close to King’s Cross- so good! And then of course, since two of my colleagues hadn’t been- Dishoom (my absolute favorite Indian restaurant in London, and quite possibly the world)! Never disappoints me, we had Daal, Naan and of course some other curry dishes.

Thursday we had an all day workshop with our Global Retail team about Growth Mindset- very interesting! And then we rounded off with some drinks and snacks after work.

Friday Gino came up to Vicenza with his parents. It was his dad’s 60th birthday weekend, so we took them hiking (upon his request) along ’52 galleries’. This is a path of 52 small tunnels up the mountains which was made during the second world war for the soldiers to escape the enemy approaching the other side of the mountain. A great hike that took us 2,5 hours, 6,5 km, starting at 1400 m above sea level and ending at 1900 m where you find a really nice mountain lodge/restaurant. And today we went to Venice for a lovely day there. The weather has been absolutely amazing this weekend- so no complaints there. The only thing I wish I could find are some really really  good restaurants in Vicenza, but the search continues… All in all- a fantastic weekend, though!

I am almost ready for November… cannot even believe this year (and decade) only has two more months to go- where did it all go?!!??!? It has been some eventful years though- I will say I have made the most of it- as I always will strive to do 😉

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