August 2019

Since it has been a while I will update on the last months, starting with August!

The month that after New York, Gino finally came home after three months away on duty. And M.A.N (or W.O.M.A.N, actually) was it good to have him back ❤ He seemed pleased too 😉


We started right off with some lovely days on the beach in Riccione, then drove down the Adriatic coast to Alba Adriatica to see his family- they’ve bought a new place by the sea there, such a nice place! And the town was absolutely buzzing with people, of course it being the high season, nothing less was expected!

Then my lovely Kjersti and Camilla came to visit us in Italy- could not have had a better vacation with friends and Gino!

We even made it to San Marino, which is an independent state in Italy (like the Vatican) and is very close to Riccione up the mountains. The place was, again, packed- so we had to park the car and take a shuttle bus to the center.

At the end of August the football (soccer if you want) season kicked off and we went to San Siro to witness the start- what a day! Oh, and I made a video for work (internal, but still)- so much fun! And then, as one does- we started making home made beer… it took a while for the first taste to say the least…









I shall write about September tomorrow- I will get better at blogging, my October resolution 😉

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