Days in New York

I’ve just arrived to Amsterdam, and will be here until tomorrow and then head to Dusseldorf in the afternoon (by train mind you). Really cool hotel here, I must say:

Yesterday morning I arrived from five days in New York. We had some fantastic days with our North America team, doing some training and learning more about our business there from our super- colleagues!

I even managed to squeeze in some time to see friends over there- which is always the best thing! And we had Tex-mex food- so much nachos and guacamole- yummmm!!

I met Eli for drinks on Tuesday (after a work dinner) as she was in New York from Oslo with a friend- what a great coincidence- always the best of times with her ❤ !

Then on Wednesday I went to dinner with my colleagues – to a Texan restaurant where you get the meat and weigh it by the pound … and then some sides… I think I ate more sides- hehe.

On Thursday we had a really fun meeting with a scent company and got to see how they work and their offices in NYC- very interesting and inspiring!

In the afternoon when my colleagues had left to go back to Italy, I met up with my amazing Himani at her place ❤ I don’t think that’s the norm in New York- they always go out, but I figured- she’s Canadian and I’m Norwegian and we do go to each other’s homes (is it a cold country thing maybe..?), so it was all good ;)Always great to catch up with her- our lost girl from our girls trip to Antibes last weekend (she couldn’t join us, but was of course invited).

Later I met up with Brad who lives outside of the city but came in to meet me and to grab dinner with some of his friends after. Again- love catching up with these guys, and I’m so happy and grateful I get to!

This one was so good!!

Some snaps from New York- went to Hudson Yards- quite underwhelmed I must say!

I always run along the Hudson river when I am there, the best start of the day! Even got a bit of a rainbow one morning 🙂

Arrived in Milan Saturday early morning after leaving New York Friday afternoon. I even got 4,5 hours of sleep on the plane so I was ready to tackle what was ahead in the 36 hours I had in Milan: finish everything in the apartment until Gino gets back.

I had people coming to finish some lighting and putting up some pictures and I did all the finishing touches- went to Ikea, Leroy Merlin (equivalent to Home Depot- right?), decorated, cleaned and now it is all done and ready for Gino’s arrival- cannot wait for him to see it! I was absolutely done at 1am yesterday when I went to bed, but up again today to put the finishing touches on the apartment before I headed out to Malpensa airport and Amsterdam.

I left the apartment and had this ‘I’ve forgotten something’ feeling, but figured if I hadn’t packed it, I could survive without it knowing I had my passport and my wallet with me..

Got on the bus to go to the train station and just as the doors closed behind me, I realized I had left the windows open… hopped off (luckily just one short stop) ran back, closed everything and grabbed a taxi to the train station.. too close for comfort!

Looking forward to the next days! This- being out in the field, talking with our colleagues in the regions, is just so much fun!

And then- when I get back on Wednesday I am taking a week and a half off- cannot wait for some sea, sand, sun and seafood 👏👏👏

Happy Sunday and have a great week!

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