Antibes, The French Riviera

Our annual girls trip is hereby over and we are of course already in the planning of next years trip!!

What an absolute privilege and perfect long weekend away with my ladies from the MBA, plus friends added πŸ˜€πŸ˜€!! We came from Vicenza, Milan, New York, London and Geneva and met in Antibes for some days in the sun on the French Riviera.


I have been to the Riviera before, but not Antibes, so I didn’t have any expectations on the place, but was absolutely pleasantly surprised over the cuteness of the place!

We all arrived Thursday, some early some later in the evening, so the day was mostly spent just getting to know the town and most importantly- find cheese, olives, baguettes and rosΓ©. The apartment we (and by β€˜we’ I mean Gina) has found was great, both location wise and aesthetically- well done Gina πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘!

For Friday we had booked chairs at a beach in Juan Les Pine, about a 10 minute drive (or as some of us did- a 30 minute walk) from Antibes. The weather was amazing, people even better so all was to the liking. All though- not the most hospitable crew working there, and 8€ for a bottle of water is a bit excessive I must say- especially on a beach where one has to drink to not faint… but all in all- a good day.

In the evening we had booked a table right on the beach and had some fantastic food followed by four of us going to Cannes for the Baoli club. At first we were told they only had table service spots left at a sweet price of 1500€ a table .. one can imagine our response (it was a hard no!)?!

But as we were walking to find somewhere else to spend the evening, we found the entrance to their terrace where they had plenty of spots and where we could go down to the club whenever we wanted from there..! So we had a drink and danced the night away in Cannes- what more can one ask for?!

Saturday was more open, the only thing we wanted was to enjoy the Saturday morning market with all French delicacies- and we went a bit crazy at the cheese stall- so worth it. After a slow morning (imagine why…) we ended up in Juan Les pine again as the beaches had chairs and restaurants which does make it all so much more pleasurable!

A day at the beach was followed by Champagne at a legendary hotel in Antibes- Eden du Roc. The hotel compound was absolutely stunning and the view over to Cannes really set an unforgettable frame around the sunset!

We ended up at an Italian (…) restaurant in Antibes afterward and then I was done for- the others went for the Ferris wheel for a night view of the Riviera.

Yesterday I got up and went for a very much needed run before we headed out to the Picasso museum right around the corner from the apartment.

Since we had so much stuff from the Saturday market we decided to do lunch at the flat before me and Mel headed to Nice to take the train back to Milan.

Right now I’m in New York, I was up to catch the plane at 10 and at 1PM local time we landed here. I’ll stay here for the week to work- could not be happier about that- LOVE being back here, as alwaysπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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