Santorini, Greece

I am back in Italy after three days in Santorini, Greece.

We didn’t have much plans when we were there, some ideas but more take it as it goes- which is how I almost always travel.

As I arrived Thursday late night we just had drinks and caught up when I got there. I met up with my friends Jen and Nick as they’re doing their vacation in Europe (they live in the US) at the moment so what better way to meet than in Oia in Santorini?!

Friday ended up being a beach day, which was a great idea as the three glasses of wine from the night before really didn’t agree at the back of my white month… but it was a lovely and relaxing day at ‘the black beach’ (as opposed to the red and white beaches of Santorini, all of which of course are named that way on account of the color of the sand, or in this case- the pebbles).

In the evening we had booked a restaurant in Fira which was much recommended by Nicks friends who had been there a couple of weeks before- Salt & Pepper.

We shared some halloumi as an appetizer and I had been dreaming about tzaztiki and a Greek salad- so that is exactly what I got- you know… living the dream- haha :)!

Nick and Jen shared a seafood platter which apparently did also live up to expectations- delish!

On Saturday Jen and I decided to do the hike from Fira to Oia in the morning which turned out to be a very wise choice. Great views, seeing the island and being active before the beach in the afternoon is always a good idea!

Then some relaxing on the beach and for dinner a restaurant in Oia called Roka was booked.


Apparently their fried calamari is everything as an appetizer to share, and we all took different things that were recommended on TripAdvisor- linguini pasta with lobster, favabean stu and a Roka salad for me, with the best cheese, arugula, honey glazed walnuts and a amazing vinaigrette.

All in all- the best little long weekend away with friends in Santorini- which I was actually pleasantly surprised about- very nice place. I thought it’d be more crowded and over-touristy, but it was all very good! The company of course being the main reason ❤ 🙂 !

Now I have a three day week at work and then I’m off to Antibes next weekend- woop woop!

AND- they’re working on the last things in the apartment in Milan, so when I arrive there after Antibes next Sunday everything will be basically done – so excited about that 😀

Caught the plane at 10 this morning and went straight back home, chilled for a bit and have now put on two loads of laundry, cleaned the apartment in Vicenza and cleaned my makeup and makeup brushes- winning efficient on a Sunday if you ask me!

Just a friendly reminder to clean your makeup (wipe off the top layer of the eye-shadows and powders) and brushes with some makeup remover and water, I finish off with some hair conditioner too, to keep the brushes soft. Always when I do it it reminds me how important it is, hygienic and just a better (and more environmentally friendly) option to keeping it fresh instead of buying new – one Sunday tip from me to you 😉

Happy Sunday ❤

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