Traveling and a balcony

My month of travel has begun. This weekend I’m abroad enjoying the summer and the sea.

Then I’ll go to Antibes and the French Riviera next long weekend with my ladies from the MBA in Milan.

Then I’ll go to Milan Sunday afternoon and Monday morning fly to New York to be at our offices there for the week. I’ll land early Saturday morning in Milan and after about 36 hours (if taking care of the last (I hope) things in the apartment there) I’ll head to Amsterdam and then Dusseldorf. I’ll land in Venice (which is the closest airport to Vicenza where I live) Tuesday evening and then Wednesday Gino finally gets home and we have a week and a half off – yay!

But of course- we shall not stay put in one place by ourselves… we’ll stay a couple of days in Riccione, then go to Alba Adriatica to his parents place and then my lovely Camilla and Kjersti are coming to visit- yay! And then before heading back to work we’ll do a couple of days in Milan 😉

A fantastic hectic month ahead, love it and know those days off after traveling will be very much welcomed!

Oh, and because I don’t have a lot of pictures to illustrate this- here are some from the balcony in Riccione where I’ve planted some flowers and tried to revive the Rosemary plant there (it’s thriving at the moment). Hopefully they’ll stay alive until I get back to water them again- the true test of the ‘self-watering’ system I’ve bought…


A little selection of the flowers

And after- tadaaa!

Happy weekend 🙂

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