A Venetian dream!

On Thursday I went to Milan to have a meeting for work on Friday and was going to stay the weekend there (even though Milan in the summer is not ideal- too hot), but luck had it that my lovely Melody had won tickets at work to join the 100th celebration concert for Aperol (as in Aperol Spritz) at San Marco square in Venice, and was so nice to let me be her plus one!

So Saturday morning we headed back east and Venice!

Had a lovely walk in Venice, grabbed some of the fantastic ‘tapas’ food they have there, and just enjoyed the lovely buzz of the city.


The San Marco Basilica is magic at sunset, the light hitting the golden details on the roof is just stunning!


In the evening we had entrance, two drinks and snacks in the piazza, and nothing can compare to the experience sitting there in this historical square listening to great music and just enjoying the summer night- what a night ❤ ! Thank you for bringing me along, Mel ❤ 🙂

Today Melody had her train back to Milan in the morning, of course after a lovely second breakfast at the best bakery in town, Tonolo. Two happy campers, I didn’t get any photos of me in Tonolo, but let’s just say that Mel’s face is representing the both of us 🙂 !


As I hadn’t booked mine I decided to hang back, walk around and check out two of the museums I haven’t been to there- Fondazione Prada and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

This one was so cool, the Fibbonacci sequence in art

At Fondazione Prada they had a Jannis Kounellis exhibit where some of the art was to have fire, so that is what they did as I was there:

(not sure how long it stayed like this though).

Around 4 I took the train back to Vicenza, and as it was absolutely scorching here I just went straight home to stay inside in this heat.

In the week ahead I am heading to London on Tuesday until Friday, and then heading straight to Riccione to get some beach time.

Happy Sunday 🙂

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