Getting there

Second Milan weekend, and my plan was to buy a bed and try and finish as much as possible with the apartment.

On Saturday at 8.30 they came to deliver and install the shower cabinet and at 9 they came to fix the last things with the water in the kitchen- so at 9.15 I had already fixed the necessities. What I didn’t take into account was that I needed to leave the shower untouched for 24 hours… had I known I had taken a shower before they came- oh well- looks good though.


I did make progress, but the bed was not a part of it. So annoying that it is out of stock, but I shall get there soon.

Made it to Ikea.. again, and bought shelves for the bathroom, a shoe shelf and some other essentials- like wine glasses and a wine opener 😉 !

Went out in the evening to meet the lovely Melis, just so nice to be out and about Milan again, and finally it is so nice and warm here in Italy- gotta love it.

Today they arrived with my kitchen table and chairs, as well as my washing machine, my chair and the sofa table- so it really is starting to look like something now. Decided to take the blue protective film off the kitchen too- so now I can see the contours on how it will be- still a way to go to get there, but focusing on how far I have come.

I will be in Milan working until Wednesday, really looking forward to just strolling up to our offices here in Milan tomorrow morning.

Happy Sunday 🙂

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