Sea breeze

I went to Riccione last weekend as my boyfriend were on ‘resting duty’- so he had to be stand- by if something happened at work. 

Arrived Friday evening, and he had set up cheese and some meat paired with the wine I brought, in addition to some olives made of the olives from his parents’ house- we are talking pure bliss! And then he made this fantastic pasta with truffle oil- again, from his parents’ house, and it tasted like a little piece of heaven! 

Saturday, we went to Rimini, but both agreed that when we are on the Adriatic coast, Riccione is for sure ‘our spot’ all though Rimini was nice. The weather was amazing, so we went for a walk and just relaxed all weekend. 

Normally all the beaches are empty this time of the year, but there were these smart guys who had opened their small bar with some tables and chairs on the beach- the perfect little Sunday activity in the sun- sitting on the beach sipping to a nice glass. 


I left Riccione Monday morning and drove straight to work- worked out rather well, even though I didn’t get my normal morning run, which I must admit- throws me a bit off, but well worth having a relaxing Sunday evening rather than having to drive back in the evening. 


Next weekend we are off to his parent’s house which I am looking forward to, apparently it will be lunch and dinners with his extended family too, looking forward to meeting them all.

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