Cantina Enomas Muraro

Weekend came and went. As we are in wine- country her in Veneto (which the area is called) I have heard tales of the fantastic wines you get straight from the vineyards, of course we had to start our search for the best one in the area. But first, Padova was on the schedule.

Padova showed itself from an absolutely stunning side- we shall be back for sure. Prato delle Valle is apparently the largest square in Europe- who’d known?! You see the ‘river below here which is not a river but water enclosing the park. And of course; spritz!

After a lovely walk in Padova on Satuday we found Cantina Enomas Muraro on the way back to Vicenza. Here we took a wineglass and taste all the wines you wished straight from the barrels. You choose the amount you want (minimum 3 liters) and they tap it straight from the barrels for you. The prices are on the verge of ridiculous, we bought 3 liters of wine for 6€ which was a most delish one!


Wine ranks as far as they eye can see ❤
Tasting mood!
How chic is that plastic container of wine- we like to live it up fancy over here?!

Not much happened today, but we did make veggie balls, one version with aubergine, chickpeas and parsley and one version with leftover from the soup we made the other day so aubergine, carrot and potatoes. Both turned out ahmazeballs (get it…?).

And to finish this up just our lovely lunch- place from Fridays trip to Milan- my god I love that city- 15 degrees and spring in the air, fashion week and Friday feels- such a good vibe!

Inter is playing (football) soon, so there may or may not be a glass of wine in my hand and some football on the TV any moment now.

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