Carnival in Venice and skiing

Last weekend was planned perfectly. On Saturday our plan was to go to the opening of the carnival in Venice which is a BIG deal here.

Before heading out we decided to make homemade pasta (the dough made with only salt, flour and water) with ‘cacio e pepe’, which is pasta with peccorino cheese and pepper- oh my yum!

(sorry for the Instagram story pictures, forgot to take proper pictures…- too focused on making it and eating)

The carnival in Venice lasts until March 7th and is kicked off by a ‘parade’ on one of the canals in Venice with light installations and artists. We went early to get good spots by the canal, so an hour and a half before the show started, we were ready. Warmed ourselves with some Aperol Spritz and had a great chat with an elderly couple behind us which RAVED about Venice and told us to check out Padua, so that’s our plan for the weekend ahead. At 19 the show started and lit up the surroundings.

We took the train back home, very happy about the event- been there, done that 😉

Sunday we went skiing an hour from Vicenza, didn’t have much expectations, but the weather was fantastic, slopes were plenty and good, and a day out is always a day well spent!

(disclaimer: the ‘escalators’ were a must to return back home, not chosen- haha)

Going to Milan tomorrow for work, but returning in the evening so we’ll spend the weekend skiing and exploring Padua.

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