Italian Friday and weekend in the north

You absolutely do not get more Italian than eating mozzarella, prosciutto, olives and bread in front of the TV watching San Remo (which is the Italian primary rounds to Eurovision).

I can’t say I paid too much attention, more of a ‘running in the background’ situation, there still were some gems coming up there for sure!!

Had a really relaxing Friday evening as I was leaving for Milan and Lugano on Saturday to say goodbye to Jen and Nick which will leave to go back to the US soon- buuuuu!!

Saturday started with a run around Vicenza- the sky at sunrise was amazing.


And running up these stairs is a KILLER- in the best of ways.

Had a shower and at 8.30 I went to get my hair done (much overdo) at a hairdresser right next to my house. As they don’t do appointments on Saturdays I wanted to be there when they opened. It was basically me and the age 70+ ladies sitting here on a Saturday morning together! They were of course getting their curls on and I was getting some highlights and a cut which ended up being half the price I used to pay- pretty happy with it I must say.

Headed out towards Lugano, spent way too much money at Sephora in Milan, on some much needed creams, serum and so on- but I literally shook my head at myself as I was walking out of there.

Had a lovely evening in Lugano with a great crowd of people, and as I was the designated driver (white month…) I woke up fresh on Sunday morning. On the way Varese I stopped by an outlet to get some new running shoes (check), and met up with the always fantastic and lovely Janhvi and her cutest son, Jules, at her house in Varese. After that I went to Milan, did some grocery shopping and visited another friend at her house for a couple of hours (she is also leaving soon- so many people leaving now), before driving back to Vicenza.

All in all a fantastic weekend with fantastic people, and even though I tried hard I wasn’t even able to fit everything I wanted in. Oh well, next time I guess 🙂


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