I have periods where I read a decent amount of books, and lately It’s been good (might’ve been the absence of internet and partially TV- all though I rarely watch TV), so I’ve stacked up a couple of books that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!

So on my top 3 lately (in no particular order) is Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’, no news there- I seem to have been enjoying that one with the rest of the world.

‘Where four roads meet’- which my mom gave me over Christmas. She is the reason I read and if she recommends a book it never fails me. This is one of those books that I love as its set in Finland starting from the early 1800’s and ending in the 1960’s.

The last one I read was A.M. Homes ‘May we be forgiven’. This one I happened to find at a book store here in Vicenza as one of the few English books, so I chose it based on very little insight. The author, a woman, writes about an elderly man and his life. I always find it fascinating when a woman manages to write a book from a mans point of view, as the other way around I see a lot (the one above here being one example), and seems to nail it beautifully. I didn’t know the author from before, but I am compelled to see what else she has written. I must say though, the book is a bit ‘dense’ in what can occur in a year, but still- enjoyable!

My love for books were, as mentioned, sparked by my mom (happy birthday by the way you super-human being!) and early on I read rather ‘heavy’ books like ‘Julie’ which is a series of four books depicting life in Norway in the 1800’s- it still haunts me to this day the privilege our forefathers have granted us all though I remember little of the books themselves!

And as my mom, I also ‘live in the books’ I read. We went to the lovely Greek island of Kos once for a relaxing summer vacation. She brought with her a crime novel- Jo Nesbø’s ‘The Leopard’ and kept having these horrible nightmares worried something was going to happen… turns out the book came to life in her head at night- the horror- haha. At the same vacation she also brought a book called ‘The Dance of Ida, a mothers tale’ (translated) written by a mother and how she watched her child battle cancer- absolutely devastating, but so beautiful. One of the waitresses at the beach bar in Kos was genuinely worried for me as I was bawling my eyes out in my beach chair reading it… Some light beach- fun reading both of them- gotta love it though!

Anyway- at the moment I am reading ‘The Misogynist’ by Piers Paul Read and Barack Obamas ‘Dreams from My Father’- I shall report back if I like them, I haven’t made up my mind yet.


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