Since last time

A lot has happened as one can imagine. I’ve had Christmas in Norway with my family, New Years in Moena (Trentino and the Dolomites) skiing with friends, moved to Vicenza and started a new job as Global Retail Experience Manager at Diesel.

Christmas at home ❤

New Years in the mountains ❤

Vicenza one cold winter morning (catching the train to Milan and work there) and my new office 🙂

In between I’ve been to Verona, Venice and of course Milan ❤

The ever stunning Venice and a great cup of coffee from the cutest cup

Juliet’s house in Verona (and her balcony), with written love letters (or notes actually) all over the walls there (no, we didn’t write one, didn’t even occur to me- haha) ❤

New chapters to come very very soon, and since I now finally have internet I will update more 😉

My new job has been fantastic this last month, I am really looking forward to the rest!

Happy Wednesday from me in Italy!


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