Christmas, last day and Innsbruck

This last month has been busy, I’ve had my mom, cousins and my aunt visiting Milan, been shopping for- and we’ve made the apartment in Riccione ready for Christmas.

Even made it to a fantastic trip back to Copenhagen with my lovely Eli ❤

This Friday was my last day at Vans, and what a fantastic 3,5+ years it’s been there. I’ll be starting a new adventure in January which I’m really looking forward to 🙂 ! What a way to say goodbye to the old office, clear skies and sun.

After work on Friday we went up to Innsbruck for the weekend. We went there last year too and it’s just the best way to start the skiing season and get into the Christmas spirit as the market there is so nice!! (my cousins and aunt bought be new ski- gloves when they came here, had to show them off- hehe)

This week I’ll stay in Riccione before I go home for Christmas on Thursday, yay for Christmas in Oslo with my family ❤ 🙂

Great things ahead now- I keep saying it but a good thing is worth repeating- I’m so grateful !!

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