A little bit about Samara and a lot about food

We chose Samara for the surf spot, which are normally very chill places and this one didn’t disappoint. I was a bit worried that the rain season would really show itself as we came at the break of seasons, and the weather reports when I checked before we left, said thunderstorms and rain every single day leading up to our trip.

But luckily it wasn’t so. We had some showers here and there, but in general the weather’s been great! We were able to get out on the surfboards every day (I won’t call it surfing yet- hehe), and just being in the water, feeling the waves catching- loooovely!

We had rented an airbnb right on the beach, with a restaurant on the first floor, so included in the price we paid we had our choice of breakfast every morning- killer choice.


Most days I chose a platter of fruit, but we tried the breakfast burrito (rice, beans, egg and potatoes), Tico breakfast (rice, tortilla and eggs), waffles with eggs and bacon, waffles with fruit and ice cream and they were all yummy!!

And then you have the dinners- the traditional dish is Casadas, which is basically rice with beans and either veggies, chicken, seafood and plantanas, which are big bananas. But we tried a bit of everything- tacos, nachos and fish (as mentioned).

The last couple of days in Manuel Antonio we’ve had sweet breakfasts at this place across the hotel, where we’ve had black coffee and tried carrot cake, a coconut macron, a plantanas sweet pastry and a Budin, which is a cake made of the leftovers of the other pastries and tastes mostly of cinnamon- again- yuuuuummmyyy!!

It’s been a fantastic food experience, but now I must admit I can’t wait to get back into normal routines and bf cannot wait to sink his teeth into a pizza 🙂

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

Pura Vida means (as far as I’ve understood, I have Spanish speaking friends so please correct me) ‘pure life’ and is said here to salute someone or as a way to say thank you or ‘have a good day’. They always say it and it shows their love for life, protecting their country and it’s nature and to live and enjoy a ‘pure life’.


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