Costa Rica: San Jose to Samara

After a good 19 hour trip we arrived in San Jose where we’d booked a hotel for one night before heading by bus to the pacific coast, more specifically to Samara.

The hotel we picked in San Jose was based on the vicinity to restaurants and bars seeing that we were only to stay one night, and we were actually pleasantly surprised by the little we saw of the city.


After a five hour bus trip we arrived in lovely Samara on Thursday. Here we’ve rented an Airbnb apartment on top of a beach restaurant- best decision ever. You just walk out the door and you’re on the beach.

We knew coming here it’d still be a change of season so it’s raining quite a bit, but so far only a couple hours a day- completely doable.

Yesterday (Friday) we started the day with a run to a beach 5km from where we’re staying and it was stunning! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Then we’d booked surfing lessons- I’ve done it before, but I still suck at it, and it’s Bfs first time, so we’re surfing the whites- after the waves have broken (as opposed to surfing the green waves which is what one normally see surfers do), but still- that feeling on the board when you are pushed forward standing there (for the two seconds it lasts before I fall off…)- ahmazing!!!


With a combination of life starting and ending early here (following the sun that rises at 5.30 and sets 12 hours later), and some good jet-lag still, we start our mornings early with a run, have some great breakfast, surfing, beach, coconut water straight from the coconut and so on. Completely relaxing, exactly what we needed.

I realized I haven’t had two consecutive weeks of vacation in 3,5 years- so it was about time.

We have some plans in the days ahead, but taking it all depending on weather and how we feel every day.

Apparently they will also celebrate Halloween here, so there should be some parties, music and beach bonfires the next couple of days- let’s see.

So far, so very very good to get away, just shut off the brain and take each day as it comes.

Pura Vida from Costa Rica 🇨🇷☺️

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