Hotel Royal Mansour

Could not have a better warm up for afternoon tea at Hotel Royal Mansour, than the Hammam and the purchase we also managed to do before- two really nice leather jackets- for a total of 140€. we think it might’ve been a good deal- but in any case- that’s our story and we’re sticking to it 😉

This Hotel Royal Mansour is just outside the old part of the city, and inside a park, and absolutely stunning! I was recommended to go there by a colleague who’s husband is from Morocco.

From the hectic and rather dirty souks, having afternoon tea at the Royal Mansour was like stepping into another world!

Quiet, calm, gardened, calm music, incensed air, mosaic tiles and insane pastries … well, actually the pastries they did fantastically anywhere we went in Marrakesh- so that wasn’t much of a change. I’m more a savory food and bread- person, but for my sweet- tooth boyfriend this place was the real deal!

(that in the tree there are dates)

We ordered two ‘afternoon teas’, which, after three days of drinking tea for every meal and stop, ended up being ‘afternoon coffee’ for the both of us. We chose a Moroccan and a French plate, to test a bit of both… and well- as per normal we ordered too much…

We saw these girls next to us with one order and they barely touched theirs, while we practically went into sugar chock after rampaging ours… and let me tell ya- we couldn’t even finish it all!! When my bf is incapable of finishing plates of sweets- it is the surest sign of too much!!

But it was delicious!!!

In the wake of the sugar- overload we just went back to the Riad and relaxed there for the rest of the evening- managed to catch some Inter Milan action on the phone too- crazy Saturday nights … 😉


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