Riad Bliss

Saturday in Marrakech started as per usual; workout and breakfast in the Riad.

When I travel my rule is to plan only one thing every day, to make sure I (we) have some space to explore or take the day as it comes. The main plan of the day was to grab ‘afternoon tea’ at the Royal Mansour hotel which was supposed to be a really nice experience. This is of course in the afternoon between 3.30 and 6 pm, so we had room in the early day.

We ventured out in the Medina to see if we could find a nice Hammam and massage place! And did we find THE place…  Riad Bliss- by far the best massage I’ve ever had in my entire life- had all massages been like that one I’d done them more often! We chose a one hour deep tissue massage (sports massage)- which hurts like h*** at certain points, but very much needed for bodies in motion.

Before that we did ‘Hammam’ which consists of this (for those who wants to know):

  • They gave us ‘disposable- underwear’, flip flops and a robe
  • After we changed they took us in to a hot bath- room (30/35 degrees Celsius) which is normally a ‘public space’- meaning a lot of people in the same room, but this one was only the two of us and the woman who performed the treatment.
  • This one was with two stone benches where we laid down and she poured hot water over us, then she put black clay soap and scrubbed
  • Then she gave us both a thorough scrub with a glove and oil.
  • She washed our hair with shampoo and conditioner that smelled like a teeny tiny piece of heaven
  • At the end we were to lay there for about 2/3 minutes and just chill

The entire session took 30 minutes and we did it before the hour massage we had booked.

All in all- FANTASTIC experience- top stars on TripAdvisor 😉

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