Yves Saint Laurent museum

We had some fantastic days in Marrakech, just chilled and stayed in the city (as opposed to going outside to the mountains, the tanneries or to the palm gardens)- very conscious choice 🙂

Friday we went for a walk to the YSL museum and Jardin Majorelle. I loved the museum, not big, but just right for a stroll and get some more info about the life of French designer Yves Saint Laurent- which were very influenced by Marrakesh.


In the evening we went to the Jemaa el- Fna Square to watch the sunset over the Mosque there, which was a really nice experience.

For dinner bf tried cous- cous again, and is now totally sure it’s not his favorite food. I really support that, he tried twice, no like- then fine (I, on the other hand- love it, like I love all food… 🙂 )

We had early evenings and no alcohol there as they don’t serve it outside of the hotels (or Riads), so we figured- why not just not drink. But we ate a LOT of good food, and pastries, so you know- we’ve made up for it 😉 We even made a 30-45 minute workout pass every morning on the roof of the Riad- can’t beat that start- and then, breakfast prepared by the Riad- really good start indeed!



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