Jemaa el- Fna Square

This is the main square of Marrakech and changes from day to night. At night it is packed with food stalls, which they come and set up every afternoon around 5/6pm- something to experience for sure!

On Thursday evening we decided to get some food from the food stalls that pops up every night. But as we sat down mr. bf had second thoughts on account of lack of hygiene there, as so I ended up eating and he watched me- haha.

We had to get some food for him though, so we went to a lovely clean restaurant overlooking the square where he could get a admittedly great soup 😉 ❤

We also had some insanely fresh and lovely juices from the square (if you ever go- be sure to get them served in take- away cups, because the way they wash the glasses they serve them in, is a dip in soap- water and a dip in less soapy water…)! And I also I bought a bag of almonds, both normal and roasted and walnuts- so so good!!

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