Wow Marrakesh!

Yesterday morning (night) we got up at 3.15 to fly to Marrakesh.

After an all-too-close for comfort encounter with bf not having a passport two days before departure we were happy campers to be able to leave at all!

We are staying in the Médina (much recommended!) in a fantastic Rijad with 6 rooms.

The house watch dog…

Yesterday we basically spent all of our energy pacing the souk during the day, and eating a (honestly rather mediocre) heavy lunch so we weren’t hungry in the evening… both of which were not the best choices as the city really comes to life in the evening and the street food in the Jamaa Lafna Square looks so so good!

Setting up the food stalls in the square

We are going back to the square tonight, having planned our day a bit better… and man are we looking forward to that!

We had a great night sleep last night, worked out this morning and I found the shoe- souk… so you know- so far, an extremely good day 😉

Heading out soon, but hi from Marocco- I love it!!

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