And then August passed

August was supposed to be a very quiet month, waiting for bf to come home, but as I am not the one to sit and wait, things of course happened. It’s been trips to Riccione, some very needed running shoe shopping and some killer Adidas slide- ons.

When two shoe- addicts takes a weekend trip …

I hit a milestone this Saturday, so I bought myself some rings to celebrate, and as the month has been completely alcohol free- there has been a number of virgin coctails involved too 😉

I had been waiting forever for the 20% discount from Sephora so that I could by some ‘essentials’, so I did go a bit wild… But their sheetmasks and sleeping hair masks are fantastic! And then I bought some makeup from Kiko and an eyebrow pencil 😉

Now, I am ready for fall- counting down to my bf’s return on Wednesday, and when I come back from Madrid on Thursday I FINALLY get to see him after three months! I am actually surprised by how fast the months have gone by, but then I have been super blessed with friends visiting, traveling and just that summer feeling.

I cannot WAIT for him to come back though- he’s planned all the meals he wants to eat down to the hour… haha- so typical Italian ❤

Hello fall and September 🙂

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