Ibiza Vol. 2

Two weekends back I was lucky enough to go back to Ibiza with my girls from school in Milan, and I must admit- it was a damn good idea!

Our master planner Greta had fixed a house, they had all done research in advance, booked restaurants and planned what we wanted to do- so of course it became a success!

Me and Himani went from Milan on Thursday (on a flight that we booked direct, but that took us through Mallorca- bummer.. but we got there!) and landed in the afternoon where some of them were already there. The house was fantastic, always such a pity we don’t stay there more, but one just cannot stay in the house when there are places to be and boats to take!

Started off with such good food by the pool at the house (I get so hungry just by looking at these photos), and the first night just chilled at the house.

Then on Friday we had rented a boat, if you ever go to Ibiza and you are a decent amount of people- rent.a.boat!

Went to Juan y Andrea on Formentera to have lunch, swam in crystal water, forced our captain to take a picture with us- you know, normal Ibiza things 🙂

In the evening we had such a nice dinner at La Paloma, we looked like the ‘Last supper’- Ibiza version here…

Saturday we went to a beach club, had more food, drinks, chilled and at 5 we left for an after beach party at Ushuaia- did not think I would go back there, but there we were- danced and just enjoyed the atmosphere of weirdness, you take it for what it is and have fun with it.

Had mmmmm- paella in the evening and spent an hour waiting for a cab, completely exhausted after a great day!

On Sunday we went to another beach, way more chilled, had some more food, with a great view- and slowly people started to catch their flights back. I was the last one standing, and my flight that was going to leave at 10.30 pm so I would be home at midnight, instead the plane departed at midnight so I landed in Milan at 2 am… good times…

But in all honesty, Ibiza was a blast- again! We are already planning where to go next year- must travel!

Now I will spend August in Riccione, not spending any money at all, but you know- still at the beach 😉 Going there on Thursday actually, will work from home, and then enjoy the weekend there.

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