One pair became two pairs…

I ended up buying two pairs of shoes today (honoring the name of my blog..), but to my defense they were on sale and had I bought them on full price they’d total at 100€, whereas I spent a total of 26€ for them 🙂 !

The first ones are a pair of blue wedges that just had the best color, are so light (cork for the win!) and were comfortable to wear (time will tell if the comfort sustains).

And the second pair are from Zara which I’ve tried on and loved before but that I decided to wait to buy- patience for the win!

I bought a polka dotted top as well- I seem to be in a polka dot period lately as I’ve bought the before mentioned top, a t- shirt and a bikini in the pattern lately (all on sale of course- gotta love a good bargain).

And then I apparently went straight into fall- mode as I bought a knitted sweater and a pair of pants to match (white… dangerous in so many ways!). It being 30 degrees Celsius outside and my mind being occupied by my upcoming Ibiza- trip next weekend I blame the air condition and fall fashion in store for my deviance. All though, better to buy it now on sale than to pay full price when I will use it- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Oh… and I cut my hair today- 30 minutes in and out- L.O.V.E when they are fast- the only reason I hate going to the hairdresser is the extreme waste of time! Happy with the result though!



Can we all notice my HUGE hand, and take a minute and reminisce to this epic episode of Seinfeld?! L.O.L!

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