A little update from our trip to Ibiza to celebrate Jen’s birthday! She had basically taken care of everything that superstar! A great AirBnb with a swimming pool (too bad we didn’t spend more time there but so much to do, so much to see 😉 )

She had booked dinners, clubs, DJs, boats and beach lounges- what more can one ask for?!

Coming into Ibiza

We arrived on Thursday, and after a snack and some relaxing at the house we headed out to Ibiza town for some dinner at Sa Cova- great food, and a fantastic little spot!


On Friday we had booked beds at Blue Marin, a beach club- and it lived up to expectations with lovely sunbeds, great drinks, good food and the best of all- great company!

In the evening we went to La Paloma and had, what I think is, the best paella I have ever eaten, with some tapas as appetizers and red- and white sangria… what more can one ask for?!

Saturday was THE day! Had booked a boat, and MAN was that a FANTASTIC IDEA (do we love my use of capital letters?)! We had the boat the whole day, and went around Ibiza, to Formentera, swam in insanely blue crystal water, had a great lunch and just enjoyed staying on the boat with some Cava and snacks!

In the evening we went to Ushuai for ‘Black Coffee’ DJ set and then at two (yes, that is two AM I am talking about) we went to Amnesia to dance. When we got home at 5 I was completely toast, but man did we have an insane day!

Needless to say- the Sunday did not bring much as we were all quite done from the day before, but I did manage to squeeze in some hours by the pool 🙂

Here’s a little recap of our trip:


Until soon, Ibiza- going back in a couple of weeks- hehe:)


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