Two runs and a long bike ride

Again a nice long weekend for us (one of the last ones though), so I went down to Riccione to get some sun and relax.

This little film below here basically sums up my trip, staying on the beach, eating fruit and riding along the Adriatic sea on my bike- total reload of batteries!

Of course, I started my mornings off running, and on Satuday I went for a loooong hour and a half ride on my bike! I was all ‘I could do this for hours and hours’ riding out, and then when I turned around to return I understood why- I had the wind in my back… so the ride back was less relaxing… but still fab!


Always start my day a cafè close to the apartment with a Cappuccino ❤


Despite all these cremes I still got burnt… oh well, not too bad 😉

Going back next weekend, but first- Croatia- Denmark; fingers crossed for Hareide’s (the Norwegian coach of Denmark) men!

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