City of Angels

In typical ‘me style’ I started my journey to LA with work by missing the time by an hour in the wrong direction… meaning I didn’t have two hours at the airport, but one… so I ran.. like a mad person, to get to the gate in time. Luckily I did, and my journey to LA could start.

Having business class on a plane is both highly recommended and a bit dangerous taking into consideration the amount of good food you are served…

Anyway, I arrived in LA, and the North American Leadership Summit could start. It has been some fantastic days of learning and staying with my EMEA team here, which was rounded off yesterday with a special trip to Universal Studios that were open late just for us… We were served with a Simpson ‘lunch box’, and the biggest doughnut in the world as a take – home gift (it was tasty… let’s just say that much).

I stayed back one day to visit some stores here in LA, and took the opportunity to go see an english movie not dubbed (which they always do in Italy)- and of course I chose Ocean’s 8- weren’t that impressed, but still- a good last evening.

Tomorrow I am flying back in the morning, and will arrive back in Italy on Saturday morning- yay for time- difference (not)!

Anyway, what a treat to get to come here again! Only drawback- insane amounts of Air condition everywhere– which for me, who hates being cold- was something I had clearly forgotten since the last time I was here…

Until next time LA 🙂

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