Beach mode!

Starting this post with a rather epic picture of bf coming home from work in his work outfit- complete with the Italian flag and all 😉

In other news- we’ve just had a relaxing day. Started as every Saturday here lately- at IKEA… trying to find some furniture for the balcony, with no success – here are my mood pics- which he fortunately liked too!

After that we went for a 20km bike ride along the sea, and then just chilled at the beach- this is the best time to be here- not overly crowded and pleasantly warm- today it was 25 degrees!

Got to love the little photo bomber in the back there 🙂

Now I’ve had a shower and we’ll head out around 9 to get dinner- I’m set on getting some pasta and seafood… let’s see if I succeed 😉

Love that I have Monday off too- so I can just relax tomorrow also.

Happy Saturday!

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