Inter lost!

Last weekend our ‘big plan’ was to go see the last home- game of the season for Inter Milan at San Siro on Saturday. The stadium was packed with 70 000 spectators, which is basically the same amount of people that lives in my hometown of Tromsø.. in other words, the stage was set!

Yes, I had my last name printed on the back of the shirt, with the number of Icardi- gotta love it… haha


Also if Inter won they would more or less be ready for Champions League next year.. did they win- no they didn’t- they lost against Sassuolo.. one of the bottom five teams in Italian Serie A- HOW… I mean- damnit! Anyway, we were super ready for the match at least before- no pictures exist of the aftermath 😦 !

(ok, we are not that delirouos that we cannot handle them losing, shake it off and it’s all good half an hour later- it’s only football 😉 )


On the friday we had just a very calm evening… taking photos of each others… hahaha- jeeez… 😉


No words ❤

I have a long weekend this weekend, so yesterday I drove to Riccione to my bf’s place, went for a run by the sea this morning, had a coffee and now I just blogging waiting for bf to finish work at 12- lucky him, always finishes at 12 on fridays!

Happy weekend ❤ 🙂

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