A train ride and back

I was still jetlagged coming up to the weekend and what better plans to have then, than non at all.

We decided to take the train down to Milan for a change, just so we could read and listen to music on the way.

Milan was hot this weekend, around 27/29 degrees, so just on the verge of being too hot to bear, but not quite there yet- still lovely.

We walked 15 km around the city, and made it to the Vans store in Corso Buenos Aires to get my bf some new slip ons, I of course ended up with a pair too (shame on me…), white clean Vans slip ons- a must have (the old ones I had were discolored). He ended up with a black pair and a maroon pair.

And then we headed to the Timberland store to pick up a pair for bfs dad- so basically I didn’t shop at all (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Amal Clooney in Vogue- love her!! This Vogue I got from Camilla in NY, I finished reading it and left it in the train where a lady picked it up- best way to do it :)!
Amal Clooney on Vogue, love that woman! I got this Vogue from Camilla in NY, read it and then left it on the train and another woman picked it up- love that!


Strolling in Via Vittorio Emanuele ❤




Almost Monday, here the rain is pouring now so I guess I’ll have to take my morning run in the gym tomorrow .. oh well- ready for the week ahead 🙂

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