Michelin star restaurant in NYC

We went to China Cafe following an excellent tip from Greta who lives in NYC. China cafè is a Michelin star restaurant, but despite that, not expensive at all. As we hadn’t reserved a table we had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated, but as we expected that much, no worries. The food was ahmazing- dumplings, sweet potato pancakes and I had a chicken dish with insane amounts of chili. The only place I’ve had food that spicy was in China… but it was gooood! I left so much chili behind after finishing the dish.


Of course I had to run in the morning again, and the sun just makes the East river magical! It does also help that there are so many other runners- love it!

Had some Starbucks at the roof top terrace of our hotel- how insanely great is that to have in NYC, a roof top terrace?!

Btw, my YSL bag in the background there, that I bought the last time I was there, as a celebration that I had sold my apartment in Oslo and was ready to move to Milan to get my MBA- good times ❤ !


The obligatory ‘doing my nails’ in NYC, had to be done!


Camilla went to heaven, aka- a Korean mask store, exclusively face masks from Korea- like a kid (…or me) in a candy store!


And we stumbled upon this fantastic little jazz bar/restaurant in Soho, didn’t look it from the outside, but the inside- L.O.V.E.D it!


And just to top it off, a picture from World Trade center and the obligatory shot from the NY metro 😉

Gosh I love that city- good vibes ❤ 🙂 !

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