There is just

We’ve been eating our way through the city, just with a short stop in the Brooklyn flea market and walking the high line … good times …

But first, lets talk about the vegetarian food we had on Saturday!! Beetroot cream , eggplants, avocado- ahhhhh ❤


Then breakfast yesterday – fruit and coconut yoghurt… myyyy gawd the coconut yoghurt!!

A stroll around the Brooklyn flea market- didn’t find anything, but it’s small and cute and not too crowded!

Then lunch… beets, sweet potatoes, zucchini- again- we won !


Good thing we basically walk all day (we did 19 km yesterday..)- yesterday it was The High Line– love that walk!! Quite crowded on a Sunday afternoon though.. but that’s expected I would say!


Classic Zaha Hadid architecture!:

Followed by drinks at the Gallow Green – a lovely green garden, but it was a tad too cold to sit outside…

Dinner at Upland, and we are OUT… or no- we have two more days- yay 😀!

This HUGE thing on my plate is a mushroom… so good!! Loved it


Happy Monday 😀😀

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