Milan, Riccione, San Marino and London

It’s been some eventful weeks, and more to come..

We’ve been to Milan a couple of weeks back for a ‘staycation’;

…to Riccione and San Marino (which is an independent state in Italy…

…and last week I went to London with work..



This weekend we have actually just been at home, but went down to Milan to check out Milan Design week, which I don’t think I have ever missed the four years I have been here.

I just love to get inspired by cool solutions and creative thinking.. but most of all, I love to look at chairs 🙂

Next week is an exciting week, I will go back to New York with my darling Camilla- cannot wait to be back in the city and meet some of my friends living there!

Oh.. and I bought these loooovely Jimmy Choo rain boots for 40€- needed new rainboots, and went to a sample sale for Jimmy Choo- only bought these, felt that I did so good by not buying more- hehe


I could write tons more of what has happened lately, but I will keep it short, and will try and update more often in the future instead 😉

Happy Sunday, almost a new week 😀

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