The last of Easter

I came home yesterday from a fantastic Easter break back home. Cannot complain coming back to 17 degrees and sunny weather, all though today it’s rain and cold… oh well- spring is riiiight around the corner.

The last days in Lyngen I got some great ski trips in the sun with my mom. We went skiing in ‘Varto’ which is the place where she has her cottage, and as always it is a lot of people cross country skiing there. The fun part is just to chat with everyone, my mom, of course, knows a lot of them, but regardless you just have a chat with everyone.

The picture on the bottom right is the view from the balcony of my moms cottage, pure bliss!

For Easter dinner we opted out the regular lamb… but went for…

TACOS! And it was SOOOO good, happy me with some good ol’ home cooking! And then we of course had to finish off with a boardgame 🙂

Look at this fantastic scenery!


I even managed to get a sushi date with my friend Lisa from back home, always the best ending of Easter! And luckily I have my fine cousin that lets me stay at their house in Tromsø before going south ❤ 🙂

And it all ended with a fantastic moon at 5 in the morning as I was getting ready to catch my plane back home.


Back to routines today, and MAN was it hard getting up, but I made it with enough time to get my morning run in 😉

Happy Monday!

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