Easter in Norway/Lyngen

On Tuesday I went back home to celebrate Easter in Lyngen. I was even lucky enough that my brother and his kids were here until today!



It has been some great couple of days, despite shifting weather and A LOT of snow!


Yesterday we had our yearly Easter gathering at my moms cottage with sledding, skiing, ski jumping and a bonfire – all in all we were 18 people ❤ 🙂


Tomorrow me and my mom will take our yearly long ski trip. On account of the snow we probably have to stay low in the terrain instead of our preferred trips over the mountains- the risk of avalanches are just too high!

And also- the weather is shifting to the extent that the other day 7 tourists had to be brought down from the mountain by emergency personnel from the Red Cross. They tried to go up there with helicopters too, but the weather didn’t allow them!

Anyway, my brother and me got a nice trip on randonee skis today, which are hybrid skis that you can walk up the mountain with, as cross country skis, but then lock the heel in and ride them down as slalom skis in powder snow- magic :)!



Happy Easter 🐣😃

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