A week ago… and today

A week ago we had our last day in Krakow, and of course, we had some beer… This time we tried the famous hot beer of Poland- and it was really tasty, all though I do think I prefer hot wine over beer- a must-experience in any case.

We also stopped by this famous chocolatier which lived up to its reputation- so much to choose from, and everything delicious!!

At 4 we had an appointment to get massages and mani/pedis. I am normally not one for massages, but this one was much needed, it was an hour sports massage, and I did have to breathe through some of the pain, I shall admit! But the color on my nails came out fantastic!

In the evening we stumbled upon this great little restaurant, with the best dumplings I have ever tasted with mushrooms- so, so good! Even got a little degestive afterwards 🙂


This weekend has been all about my bf’s new apartment in Riccione. He got it three weeks ago, and him and his parents have been painting and fixing it since then. Unfortunately (and yes, I am sad about it, I would have liked to help more the last couple of weeks) I have traveled these few weeks, so this was the first weekend I could go there and help out. He got his kitchen installed on Friday, so all Saturday we were out to buy some of the things he needed at Ikea, a TV (which turned out to be a two hour- ordeal in the morning. men and their TVs…).

We got home, assembled a lot of things, and just in time to go out to dinner, we were able to remove the blue plastic of the kitchen and he has a house!


Of course, there are things missing, lamps, pictures on the walls etc, etc, but at least it is more and more livable there. And we need a bigger carpet under the couch, but it shall come. Next weekend we will tackle some lamps, some pictures, mirrors and so on for the living room, and then start on the master bedroom and the bathroom. This is fun- I cannot WAIT to get my own in Milan- soon, I hope, soon!

Happy Sunday, I am looking forward to a new week tomorrow- crossing my fingers it won’t rain as today so I can get my morning run in 🙂

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