Faro, Portugal

Last week I went to Faro on the Algarve coast of Portugal for work and the place just really showed itself from the best possible side. We had 15 degrees and sun every day, whereas this week is it’s been raining all week.

It did also help that the hotel we stayed at was stunning and I had a sea view from my room.

The occasion was an event for all our Store managers in EMEA, and I was one of the ones responsible for the event. So I went there last Monday, and by Tuesday we were 182 people there to get caught up on the product launches, training and to hand out some much deserved awards to our fantastic Vans EMEA team.

Me and my little suitcase trippin’ again 🙂


We even got breakfast on the plane for free… consider me impressed TAP!


The theme for our big dinner night was ‘sport’, so I had to go as a norwegian Olympic skier, with a start sign and a gold medal… considering how we did in South Korea I feel it was the only choice 😉

I even got to work out and enjoy the view and smell of the sea ❤

As always, a little clip 😉


This week back in Italy it is +8 degrees and supposed to snow tomorrow and Friday, hopefully it won’t stop my plane from taking off to Krakow on Friday- yay for girls- trip 🙂

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