My mom came, she saw and she conquered

My mom came to visit this weekend, and since there are two things best done in Italy she came, she saw and she conquered them both; shopping and eating good food 🙂

She came in Thursday and luckily bf was here, so he picked her up at the airport when I was at work.We just had some relaxing afternoon and evenings Thursday and Friday going to aperitivo and dinner.


Since I was working bf sent me some updates here and there as he took her out and about. She is really great so she went on her own too, just shopping a bit in Varese, they watched a movie and chilled waiting for me on Friday- so grateful that he is fantastic and takes her around, and that she is great and chill and easy to be around- such a good combo ❤

On Saturday we had the whole day planned. First we went to Pasticceria Siciliana for breakfast, my mom got her orange cream croissant and bf got his pistachio croissant.



Then we went hard core shopping at Arese outside of Milan, stayed there for three hours before going in to Milan. Me and mom went to the top of La Rinascente in piazza Duomo to grab a glass of wine and doing some ‘people- watching’. We headed to dinner and then to San Siro to watch Inter Milan play Crotone (they lost 1-1, horrible period for Inter at the moment). Because we (meaning me and bf… my mom was all good to go) were beat, we just went home and relaxed after that.





Today we had lunch at home, with fantastic Italian food; bruschette made my bf, olives, fresh prosciutto, brie (ok, french cheese), buffalo mozarella, basil, tomatoes, grapes and some fresh bread- so tasty and simple at home.




At 1 I drove her to the airport and when I returned me and bf went for an hour walk in Varese, just to get some fresh air, before he returns to Rimini tonight.

Oh.. and i bought two things, a fantastic dress on sale from Zara- 17€- cannot beat that (and the neckline just makes the dress- so nice)!

And my mom bought me a super, super, super nice ‘Nuptse’ down jacket from The North Face as a Birthday present. As her birthday is on February 7th, I bought her some of the clothes she picked out, among other, two pairs of shoes- felt it fits my image.. haha 🙂

Could not have asked for a better weekend! And finally I am feeling better after a month of having the flu- new week tomorrow, hopefully I am at 100% again.

Happy Sunday 🙂 !

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