Lisbon day one

We are chilling like villains here in Lisbon, so so nice!

Arrived yesterday, had dinner at 10pm (which is the normal Portuguese time to have dinner during the weekends), and then went out for drinks after. Made it to 2am- winning at life as old people being able to stay up that late…!

Got up at around 10 and got to see the view from our really cute Airbnb in Bairro Alto (translates to the high quarter):


We had brunch with a fantastic view of the river. And it was goooood- cheese and slices of ham.



After that we had booked a walking tour of Lisbon. So nice to walk around the city, especially when the weather’s like today!


And then ended our day at Manteigiaria to taste some of the famous custard pies called ‘Pasteis De Nata’ of Portugal- so good!!




Now we’re just relaxing before going out to dinner at 9.30- been an absolutely fantastic day so far- let’s see what the night brings 🙂

Happy Saturday 🙂

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