Shoes, shoes, shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes… and some bags ❤

So, leaving with a friend for Lisbon on Friday, and since I am going to have aperitivo in Como tomorrow I had to pack my suitcase today- yay… or not. There is a reason I never can pack two days before, I find it so hard to imagine what I need for like three days… But I made it!

By the way, one of the best things about being on a plane for a couple of hours is listening to music and reading, actually love it! So I brought my Elon Musk book, which I started ages ago and have read here and there (in between other books). Really interesting, but not very well written to be honest, like a book long feature- article (I think the author is a news writer), but he’s an interesting person, so I will get through it.



One of the things we decided to do in Lisbon is to do a free guided (you just pay the guide what you want) walking tour of Lisbon. I have done one in Berlin years back, and it was great- so naturally I have to bring somewhat comfy shoes. And the choice fell on…


How Cool are these grey velvet Vans?? And they match my (new) bag perfectly– what are the odds?

I already have the bag in green, and I saw it half off last weekend in grey- I just had to buy it! And then I went to our Vans store on Sunday and saw the shoes- had to have them too ❤ ! So now… I have two perfect matching bag/shoe combos- ahhhh, the little things 😉


On the Vans website there is now an opportunity to custom make your own shoes, so of course I have to try that. But not sure what to pick of these two I ‘designed’… decisions, decisions…

Option A: pink and grey checkerboard- purrrfect for summer ❤


Option B: Burgundy (it’s a bit hard to see, but they are the nicest burgundy color) and grey checkerboard- more of an all year round shoe, also ❤


So hard to choose!

Anyway, ready for Como tomorrow and then Lisbon on Friday- yay!

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